HUBER BT Medium Temperature Belt Dryer

BT Medium Temperature Belt Dryer


The Huber Technology BT Medium Temperature Belt Dryer represents a major step forward in producing an efficient, reliable, and safe biosolids product. The innovative HELIX airflow design radically reduces the amount of process discharge air through a recycling and condensing process. The design provides a smaller footprint and scaled down requirement for air treatment. This provides tangible savings in capital expenditure as well as reduced ongoing operational energy costs.

Because the BT Medium Temperature Belt Dryer operates at lower temperatures than other drying technologies, the BT process is safe from fires caused from exposure to high heat levels. Additionally, the unique pelletizing feeding unit lays down a permeable sludge layer on the belt resulting in low dust production and maximum air exposure to efficiently dry. The lower heat threshold requirements of the BT process allows the possible utilization of waste heat sources previously not possible with other technologies.

Operating the BT Medium Temperature Belt Dryer is simple. With the lower temperature ranges required in the BT design, starting up and shutting down the process is quick and efficient. The fully automated process allows for minimal operator attention. The controls interface allows the plant operations to be accurately monitored and provides a straight forward means to optimize the process.

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