RakeMax Multi-Rake Bar Screen

RakeMax® Multiple Rake Screen

Protecting Your Investment in Technology

When considering effective treatment technology performing at design standards, the headworks of a plant might be the most critical place in a WWTP. What happens there will greatly influence the downstream process.

The RakeMax® Multiple Rake Barscreen is the ideal choice for the headworks of a treatment plant.
  • The RakeMax robust design means it can handle whatever comes down the line.
  • The multiple rake design of the RakeMax® combined with the variable speed control provides the highest screening removal rate of the entire Huber screening portfolio.
  • The modular design of the frame allows for the RakeMax® to handle the deepest channels.
  • The RakeMax® only requires enough space above the channel to discharge the screenings, assuring a very low headroom requirement.
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Innovative design of the RakeMax® HF increases hydraulic throughput capability

Huber RakeMax-HFContinuing the tradition of inventive and innovative engineering, Huber Technology has taken the well proven and reliable RakeMax® Multiple Rake Barscreen and created the HF series. The RakeMax-HF® screen consists of two different sections: The shallow incline bottom section provides a large screening surface and favorable hydraulic conditions; the steep conveying section ensures screening on a small footprint.

The key revelation of this design is due to the extremely small inclination of the bar rack. The screen section through which the flow passes is almost double the flow profile of a standard RakeMax®! The HF Series provides an excellent solution to retrofiting of existing channels that face hydraulic restriction due to higher flow rate requirement or smaller bar spacing requirements.

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